A new Adventure for Grant Scotland

The third book in the Adventures of Grant Scotland is now available! Spy for a Wayward Daughter can be purchased NOW at Amazon and Smashwords and over the next few days it will also arrive at virtual store shelves for Nook, Kobo, Apple and several other fine online e-tailers. Is that a thing? E-tailer? I can’t possibly have just coined that… (Google-y sounds) Nope. No, I didn’t.

Well, I already engaged in a massive bit of reflection in my previous post, so in honor of book three’s release, I’ll do the opposite. I shall with crystal ball and soaked tea leaves look into the future and divine what shall come to pass preordainedly. Is that a thing? Preordainedly? I don’t think so. Probably a good reason for that.

With three books out in our captivating adventure series, I have a good feeling about where the overall story is headed and am still excited to write about Grant and his world. So, look for book four by the end of the year. I can make that guarantee without even looking into the crystal ball, which is good because it shows a funny reflection of me that makes my chin look fat. I’ve been doing great with my diet recently and don’t need that kind of negative reinforcement. Stupid ball.

Like this, except my turban is WAY cooler.

Like this, except my turban is WAY cooler.

Also, I have decided to combine the first three books into an omnibus edition! I’ll put them together in a giant e-book and of course price the whole thing to be less expensive than buying all three individually. This will make the series much easier to get into for the teeming masses of Grant Scotland fans that will arrive, curious and adventure-starved, upon the nourishing shores of my prolific works in the years of success that are no doubt to come. See? Can you see that in the tea leaves there? Ah, well. Don’t be discouraged. These things take a certain amount of undefinable talent and desultory practice. Just trust me – I know what I’m doing.

The omnibus edition will most likely come out in a few weeks. Not much actual work to do on it, but I do have to figure out a title. If you’re interested in submitting an idea for a title, please join my contest on Grant Scotland’s Facebook page HERE. You can also just comment on this post. That would work, too. If I choose your title, you get a Special Thank You in the book’s Dedication or thereabouts and also a signed copy of the print edition, whenever I get around to actually printing editions. Contest rules and prizes are all meticulously spelled out, so don’t even bother trying to cheat.

Unless you can get away with it, of course. That’s the Grant Scotland way. đŸ˜‰


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