This is the post, first post

This blog site is finally started. I was hesitant to actual do a blog, since I just don’t have much time or interest in devoting content to it, but from everything I’ve read almost everywhere on the internet in the past year or so, a blog is pretty much mandatory for aspiring authors. That’s me. I’m one of those. Also, it seems to be doubly true for self-published authors – again, me.

I currently have two books out in e-book format. They are the first two installments in a fantasy series titled The Adventures of Grant Scotland. The first is Spy for a Dead Empire and the second is Spy for a Troubled King.

In future posts, I’ll probably talk about why I decided to become a writer, why I self-publish and what my plans and inspirations are – all the standard gobbledygook – but I’ll save that for another day. Instead, I’ll say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed this post, first post.



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